In this tutorial we will be installing/enabling remote administration through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). We are building on our previous tutorial, How To: Create a CentOS 7 VM on ESXi 5.5 , we will continue to build on this throughout future tutorials.

We are assuming that you are using a Windows host, we will download WinSCP & PuTTY. I have worked at multiple employers that never stressed the value of using WinSCP, and I have had colleagues that have told me WinSCP is a waste of time. I finally started using WinSCP in my home lab, afterwards I realized how valuable WinSCP is and I’ll show how & why…

First we need to Download WinSCP and install it.

…and then Download PuTTY and install it.

PuTTY Installation

WinSCP Installation

Now that both WinSCP and PuTTY have been installed I will walk you through the configuration.

DeskPins, this allows any window always on top. This is handy for PuTTY windows. Here is the installation & configuration.

Install Epel-Release, Nux-Dextop, TigerVNC, and XRDP

Now we are able to connect to the server using RDP

Next I am going to show you how to Quickly & Easily install WordPress…. seriously, I feel like everybody else is doing it wrong. It is super simple, and effective.


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